Friday, April 9, 2010

reinvent the library

As we move into the 30th month of this “economic downturn” I am preparing for the next list of budget cuts to come from our Superintendent. I read through journals, blogs, and chats and my fear is not just justified my fear is pervasive.
Librarians are being cut, libraries closed or just left to try and function moneyless. Every time I read about another loss I start the grieving process again. I refuse to believe it could happen to me, then I get angry that it could happen to anyone, I always wonder if we could “do a deal “offer more, then I just get sad and move on. The good news is I can personally confirm that Kubler-Ross was absolutely right about the process. The bad news is that it feels more like a continuous cycle rather than a process.
The problem that continues to plague me is that when I am not feeling sad and defensive about my potential job loss, I feel, that like many parts of our educational system, elementary libraries are in desperate need of a total paradigm change. I cannot help but believe that our desperate need to change is related to our continued presents on the chopping block.
It is time to reinvent the library.

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