Saturday, March 27, 2010

What do you do in a grade school library all day

The question came up the other day and i thought the answer was worth sharing.
This is where we learn to get our geek on. I have been using this slogan with the kids for the last couple years. The idea is this. We all have something that we “geek out” about, something that we are interested in and want to be an expert on. The library exists to help with that. Schools are put on the earth to help you learn, teachers are put in schools to help you learn the really important stuff, libraries were added later to help you geek out on what you think is cool.
• Are you an Animal geek? I have all kinds of stuff on animals, I even have stuffed animals.
• Sports Geeks, you are in the right place I got info on players, games, teams and how to’s that will make you a star
• Are you a Freak geek? I have monster fact books, how to draw monsters, and monster stories that will scary the geek out of you.
• Are you thinking of becoming an electromagnetic geek… for the next two week while you finish your science project. I can help with that too. I have websites, books; I can even hook you up with an old project to get ideas from.
The point of the library is to bridge the distance between the need to learn and the desire to learn. That is not just about books. It is not even about media, at the elementary level, it is the fun stuff. Whatever that means to you, if you think chess is fun then the library should be able to find a way to help you pursue that passion.
So, over the course of this last year, in my library we have learned about research as we geeked out on animals. That culminated in an evening event with the local zoo and a jungle obstacle course.
Then we channeled our inner science geek with awesome science experiments and surefire ways to win the science fair in June.
Now we will finish off the year with books your teacher is not going to use in a lesson. For this we are looking at sneak peak websites, checking on funny books that have no academic lessons in them, and finding stories about kids that are tired of school just like us.
Through al l of this we are looking at fiction, non-fiction, websites, search engine tools, genres, and checking out books just for fun.

So, what i do every day is geek out on "Stuff"

Cool job huh.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First thoughts

So, here is my frist thought... okay not my first thought every but my frist blogged thought.
I taught in the classroom for 10 years and loved almost every minute of it.
i have taught in the library for 9 years and still love every minute of that.
I am ready for the next great challenge... i want to be an elementary principal.

I know how important connecting and commnication with all members of the community is so i figured i should start that work now and get into the habit.
here we go.